steric effect

steric effect
стеричний ефект

English-Ukrainian analytical chemistry dictionary. 2013.

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  • steric effect —  Steric Effect  Стерический эффект   Фактор, учитывающий влияние на взаимодействия между молекулами их формы и/или пространственного расположения …   Толковый англо-русский словарь по нанотехнологии. - М.

  • steric effect — erdvinis efektas statusas T sritis chemija apibrėžtis Atomų erdvinio išsidėstymo poveikis molekulės reaktingumui. atitikmenys: angl. steric effect rus. пространственный эффект; стерический эффект ryšiai: sinonimas – stereoefektas …   Chemijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • Steric factor — Steric factor, P [ [ IUPAC Goldbook definition of Steric Factor] ] is a term used in collision theory.It is defined as the ratio between the experimental value of the rate constant and the one predicted by… …   Wikipedia

  • Steric effects — See also: intramolecular forces Steric effects arise from the fact that each atom within a molecule occupies a certain amount of space. If atoms are brought too close together, there is an associated cost in energy due to overlapping electron… …   Wikipedia

  • Kinetic isotope effect — The kinetic isotope effect (KIE) is the ratio of reaction rates of two different isotopically labeled molecules in a chemical reaction. It is also called isotope fractionation, although this term is somewhat broader in meaning. A KIE involving… …   Wikipedia

  • Electronic effect — An electronic effect influences the structure, reactivity, or properties of molecule but is neither a traditional bond nor a steric effect. [G. L. Miessler and D. A. Tarr “Inorganic Chemistry” 3rd Ed, Pearson/Prentice Hall publisher, ISBN 0 13… …   Wikipedia

  • Polar effect — The Polar effect or electronic effect in chemistry is the effect exerted by a substituent on modifying electrostatic forces operating on a nearby reaction center. The main contributors to the polar effect are the inductive effect, mesomeric… …   Wikipedia

  • Inert pair effect — The term inert pair effect is often used in relation to the increasing stability of oxidation states that are 2 less than the group valency for the heavier elements of groups 13, 14, 15 and 16. The term inert pair was first proposed by Sidgwick… …   Wikipedia

  • Gauche effect — Main article: alkane stereochemistry The term gauche refers to conformational isomers (conformers) where two vicinal groups are separated by a 60° torsion angle. IUPAC defines groups as gauche if they have a synclinal alignment of groups attached …   Wikipedia

  • Anomeric effect — In organic chemistry, the anomeric effect or Edward Lemieux effect is a stereoelectronic effect that describes the tendency of heteroatomic substituents adjacent to a heteroatom within a cyclohexane ring to prefer the axial orientation instead of …   Wikipedia

  • Beta-silicon effect — The beta silicon effect also called silicon hyperconjugation in organosilicon chemistry is a special type of hyperconjugation and describes the stabilizing effect of a silicon atom placed in a position once removed (β) from a carbocation. A… …   Wikipedia

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